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Maine Business Center Testimonials

"It's a very good deal for a small business that doesn't have a lot of capital and is bootstrapping it," You can get computers, phones, conference rooms and other basic services for $450 a month.

"To be able to move in and have everything there, it's like a dream come true for business owners,"

Abe Lorrain
Epic Portraits


"The key benefit to me at the Maine Business Centers is flexibility....if you need it they can do it. I needed a wireless connection and they had it up in a week.  I needed to do a web conference and they had it setup in minutes. This is incredibly important for startups and entrepreneurs with limited resources.  My customers are Vice Presidents of Global 2500 companies.  The downtown Portland address and the administrative assistant answering my phone as HazTrack is critical when these people call.

Maine Business Centers itself is a startup and I believe that their mindset is what makes the facility outstanding.  I have been involved with other incubators including www.garage.com and www.cambridgeincubator.com, and with the exception of capital resources (investor involvement), the PBC is in the same class, which is incredible given the size of the technology community here in southern Maine. “

Jim Plunkett
Haztrack, LLC


"I moved my business up here from Manhattan where I was paying $18,000 a month for the same services that Maine Business Centers provides. The speed of the Internet here at Maine Business Centers is nothing short of incredible. I'm able to continue working with my clients in Manhattan and have started a new venture to boot."

Karl Lindemann
Encogent, LLC


"I just wanted to thank you and your staff for the extra special attention that was dedicated for my companies meeting yesterday. I was told that your facility was perfect for their days agenda and that your facility was very professional and was state of art in having all the necessary requirements for a business meeting.

I hope to work with you again in the future and thanks again!  A business center that was found on a website turned out to be a wonderful experience for all involved."

Beth Klukojc
Moran Towing Corporation



Maine Business Center 415 Congress Street Suite 202 Portland, ME 04101 Phone: 866-580-2525

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